manor-2015-webBalloon Manor the Amazing Air-Filled Under-Sea Adventure

Dive five stories down and journey through the briny deep world of Atlantis! Discover a mighty pirate ship and its hapless crew battling the giant octopus! Will they be rescued by the Mermaid Queen? You won’t believe your eyes as this tale unfolds in a 5-story balloon sculpture.

This feature sculpture at the Sibley Building (250 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604) will be free for the public to view and enjoy.




Watch Balloon Manor being built!

February 23-26, 10am-6pm  

Watch as over 60 artists and volunteers inflate and assemble over 40,000 balloons into a 5 story undersea sculpture. 


Visit Balloon Manor!

Feb. 27 – March 7, 10 am – 7 pm
March 8, 10am-3pm

FREE! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event! Balloon Manor: The Amazing Air-filled Undersea Adventure is a five-story sculpture built from over 40,000 balloons. Come see it while it lasts,
The sculpture will be popped March 8 at 3pm.

Fifties First Friday: Enchantment under the Sea

March 6,  6 – 9 p.m.
FREE! Dance the night away, or stand awkwardly in a corner while you relive your prom night at our Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. We’ll rock around the Sibley clock, and explore all 5 stories of the Balloon Manor sculpture.

Balloon Manor: Popping Party!

March 8, 3 – 6 p.m.
BUY TICKETS NOW! All good things must come to an end. Join us as we pop the over 40,000 balloons comprising the Balloon Manor: Amazing Air-filled Undersea Adventure sculpture. We’ll also enjoy POPcorn and sodaPOP- while we look for prize coupons hidden in the sculpture. NOTE: You must be ticketed to pop the sculpture. Tickets: $10 (Family and group discount packages available.)

Curious about last year’s Balloon Manor?

You can check out more photos of the build and the finished piece in the media gallery, or by watching the video below. Find out what else Airigami is up to by joining our mailing list (below) or visiting